Form of Work
Schmid F. Carlo
Breckman Warren (1963- )
Frank Mitchell Benjamin
Grewe Cordula (1968-)
Ittmann John W. (1941- )
MacLeod Catriona (1963- )
Rub Timothy (1952- ). Foreword
2010 - 2019
United States
Grafika niemiecka
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Phillips, John S.
Subject: time
Katalogi zbiorów
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Schmid F. Carlo (hasło formalne)
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Tytuł: The enchanted world of German romantic prints 1770-1850 / edited by John Ittmann ; editorial consultant Cordula Grewe ; essays by Warren Breckman, Mitchell B. Frank, Cordula Grewe, John Ittmann, Catriona MacLeod and F. Carlo Schmid.
Adres wydawniczy: Philadelphia, PA : Philadelphia Museum of Art ; New Haven : Yale University Press, cop. 2017.
Opis fizyczny: XI, [1], 411 s. : il. (w tym kolor.) ; 30 cm.
Uwaga: Bibliogr. s. 398-406. Indeks.
Zawiera: Foreword / Timothy Rub. Introduction / John Ittmann. John S. Phillips as a collector of German prints / John Ittmann. Central Europe between 1770 and 1850: the rise and fall of German Romantic art and culture / Warren Breckman. Albrecht Dürer and his hallowed city of Nuremberg / John Ittmann. Raphael's Sistine Madonna domesticated: a return to purity and piety in German prints / Cordula Grewe. The Galeriewerk and the reproductive print of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries / John Ittmann. Glazed and framed: Kunstverein prints for the parlor / John Ittmann. The wanderer: travel imagery in German romantic prints / Mitchell B. Frank. Sacred woods and ancient ruins: the landscapes of Germany and Norway, Italy and Arcadia / F. Carlo Schmid. Johann Christian Reinhart (1761-1847) and his circle in Italy / F. Carlo Schmid. Landscape prints in Vienna / F. Carlo Schmid. Portrait prints, 1770-1850: friends and family / Mitchell B. Frank. The German Romantic reading public: Taschenbücher and other illustrated books / Catriona Macleod. The living past: folklore and fairy tales in literature and art / Catriona Macleod. Outline and arabesque: simplicity and complexity in German prints, and the allure of the antique / Cordula Grewe. Johann Heinrich Lips (1758-1817) and Philipp Otto Runge (1777-1810): Times of day / Cordula Grewe. Ferdinand Olivier (1785-1841) and Adrian Ludwig Richter (1803-1884): the Salzburg albums / Cordula Grewe. Johann Gotthard Müller (1747-1830) / Mitchell B. Frank. Johann Christian Klengel (1751-1824) / John Ittmann. Carl Wilhelm Kolbe the Elder (1759-1835) / John Ittmann. Joseph Anton Koch (1768-1839) / John Ittmann. Ludwig Emil Grimm (1790-1863) / John Ittmann. Adrian Ludwig Richter (1803-1884) / John Ittmann. Eugen Napoleon Neureuther (1806-1882) / John Ittmann.
Uwaga: Wyd. z funduszy The Andrew W. Mellon Fund for Scholarly Publications przy Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Temat: Phillips John S. (1800-1876) - zbiory
Temat: Philadelphia Museum of Art - zbiory - 18-19 w
Temat: Grafika niemiecka - 18-19 w
Temat: Grafika niemiecka - zbiory - Stany Zjednoczone - 18-19 w
Temat: Romantyzm - sztuka - Niemcy
Temat: Romantyzm - sztuka - zbiory - Stany Zjednoczone
Gatunek, rodzaj, forma: Katalogi zbiorów
Hasło dodatkowe: Breckman, Warren (1963- ).
Hasło dodatkowe: Frank, Mitchell Benjamin.
Hasło dodatkowe: Grewe, Cordula (1968-).
Hasło dodatkowe: Ittmann, John W. (1941- ).
Hasło dodatkowe: MacLeod, Catriona (1963- ).
Hasło dodatkowe: Rub, Timothy (1952- ). Foreword
Hasło dodatkowe: Schmid, F. Carlo.
Hasło dodatkowe: Philadelphia Museum of Art
Hasło dodatkowe: Yale University Press
ISBN: 978-0-87633-273-3 (PMA)
ISBN: 978-0-300-19762-4 (Yale)
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