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Tytuł: Tailored for freedom : the artistic dress around 1900 in fashion, art and society / edited by Ina Ewers-Schultz and Magdalena Holzhey ; with essays by Friederike Berger, Christian Brandstätter, Burcu Dogramaci, Ina Ewers-Schultz, Isa Fleischmann-Heck, Inga Ganzer, Juliane Hahn, Christiane Heiser, Magdalena Holzhey, Antje Neumann, Patricia Ober, Thorsten Scheer, and Karin Thönnissen ; [translations Steven Lindberg, Bronwen Saunders, Christopher Wynne].
Wariant tytułu: Artistic dress around 1900 in fashion, art and society
Adres wydawniczy: Krefeld : Kunstmuseen Krefeld ; Munich : Hirmer, 2018.
Opis fizyczny: 288 s. : il. (gł. kolor.) ; 29 cm.
Uwaga: Publ. tow. wystawie: "Tailored for freedom : the artistic dress around 1900 in fashion, art and society", Kunstmuseen Krefeld, Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, October 12, 2018-February 24, 2019.
Uwaga: Bibliogr. w przypisach.
Temat: Kaiser Wilhelm Museum - wystawy - 2018-2019
Temat: Secesja - wystawy
Temat: Tkaniny - w sztuce - wystawy - 1901-1918 r
Temat: Tkaniny - w sztuce - wystawy - 19 w
Temat: Tkaniny - wystawy - 19 w
Temat: Tkaniny - wystawy - 1901-1918 r
Temat: Ubiór - w sztuce - 19 w
Temat: Ubiór - w sztuce - 1901-1918 r
Temat: Ubiór - wystawy - 19 w
Temat: Ubiór - wystawy - 1901-1918 r
Gatunek, rodzaj, forma: Katalogi wystaw
Hasło dodatkowe: Ewers-Schultz, Ines.
Hasło dodatkowe: Holzhey, Magdalena.
Hasło dodatkowe: Lindberg, Steven.
Hasło dodatkowe: Saunders, Bronwen.
Hasło dodatkowe: Wynne, Christopher.
Hasło dodatkowe: Berger, Friederike. "The art of clothing oneself must be popularized": the artistic reform dress as an ideal, an aesthetic, and consumer culture
Hasło dodatkowe: Brandstätter, Christian (1943- ). The Wiener Werkstätte and the fashion reform
Hasło dodatkowe: Dogramaci, Burcu (1971- ). Posing for a new world: artistic dresses and how they were communicated
Hasło dodatkowe: Ewers-Schultz, Ines. "Antineutral clothing for men": the artistic reform of men's wear
Hasło dodatkowe: Ewers-Schultz, Ines. The dress as a work of art, beauty as a weapon, and the concept of the Gesamtkunstwerk: on a new understanding of art around 1900
Hasło dodatkowe: Ewers-Schultz, Ines. "The essential thing is the individual adaptation to the wearer": Anna Muthesius's Das Eigenkleid der Frau
Hasło dodatkowe: Ewers-Schultz, Ines. "The highest intelligence in the freest body!": modern dance as a symbiosis of body and costume
Hasło dodatkowe: Fleischmann-Heck, Isa. Kimono & Co.: the influence of Japan as well as historical and regional garments on fashion around 1900
Hasło dodatkowe: Fleischmann-Heck, Isa. Making an appearance: the fashion frenzy and "new style" in women's clothing around 1900
Hasło dodatkowe: Ganzer, Inga (1976- ). Closely tied: the Krefeld Museum director Friedrich Deneken and his European network
Hasło dodatkowe: Hahn, Juliane. Skirt and rib: bodies in the gaze
Hasło dodatkowe: Heiser, Christiane (1970- ). "A miracle how preciously the people here understand their work in silk": Johan Thorn Prikker as a textile artist: from Batik to Krefeld artists' silk
Hasło dodatkowe: Holzhey, Magdalena. "Since not all women, even if they have taste, are able to invent suitable ornaments": women and their clothes between decoration and emancipation
Hasło dodatkowe: Holzhey, Magdalena. "The artistic elevation of women's dress": Krefeld 1900 and its consequences
Hasło dodatkowe: Neumann, Antje (1974- ). "The fairies have strewn flowers along the way": the textile designer and Gesamtkünstler Henry van de Velde and his Weimar circle
Hasło dodatkowe: Ober, Patricia. The body under the clothes: nude photography of women in the context of clothing reform
Hasło dodatkowe: Scheer, Thorsten (1961- ). "Deeds not words": on the political iconography of women's dress
Hasło dodatkowe: Thönnissen, Karin (1951- ). The Omega Workshops: painting in space
Hasło dodatkowe: Hirmer Verlag
Hasło dodatkowe: Kunstmuseen Krefeld
ISBN: 978-3-7774-3112-3
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