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Głuchowska Lidia (1973- ). Lahoda Vojtěch (1955-2019). Aagesen Dorthe (1966- ). The aesthetics of neutrality. The impact of the First World War on Danish art and culture Cipuria Bela (1967- ). Georgian modernism, national expectations, and the First World War Dudko Oksana. Riflemen art. Visualizing the Ukrainian war Forgács Éva (1947- ). War as psychological , social and intellectual experience. The concept of "national art" and the First World War in Hungary. Lajos Fülep and the dynamisc of "national" and "international" Genova Irina Ivanova (1959- ). Modernism and the national idea - reflections of the First World War Gerharde-Upeniece Ginta (1963- ). Art and the new Latvian state (1918-1920). Modernism - between cosmopolitan inspirations and a substantive national factor Głuchowska Lidia (1973- ). International expressionism as the style of the Great War? Remakrs on its adaptation and evaluation Głuchowska Lidia (1973- ). Jewish artistic networks around the Great War. The voice of "others" and the utopia of "Yiddishland" Głuchowska Lidia (1973- ). The Great War and the new art in Poland. Between patriotic ethos, nationalization of modernism, and international attemps in aesthetic Głuchowska Lidia (1973- ). "The war to end all wars"... (A)Nationalism and cosmopolitanism in the avant-garde and modernist studies in visual culture and literature Gunnarsson Annika (1968- ). Cosmonational. Neither national nor cosmopolitan - but a tinge of avant-garde modernism Gur'ânova Nina Aľbertovna (1963- ). The Russian avant-garde and the Great War. Visions and utopias Hjartarson Benedikt (1972- ). Abstract constructivism and the case of Finnur Jónsson. Universa language - national idiom? Hnídková Vendula (1978- ). Respect and thriumph. Intentions and meanings of Czech architecture before and after the First World War Hume Naomi (1971- ). Cut & paste in exile and war. Otto Gutfreund's Parisian collages Jelsbak Torben (1973- ). The aesthetics of neutrality. The impact of the First World War on Danish art and culture Kessler Erwin. War as inverter in Romanian art between 1912 and 1924 Lahoda Vojtěch (1955-2019). Transnational or national cubism? Vincenc Kramář on cubism Mansbach Steven A. (1950- ). Closing remarks and general reflections Prelog Petar (1972- ). In pursuit of national identity. Croatian modern art before and after the Great War Quintana Pareja Emilio (1964- ). Don Quixote in the trenches. The birth of avant-garde poetry in Spanish language between civilization and barbarism Veivo Harri (1969- ). Cosmopolitanism, nationalism, and the reconfigurations of the map of Europe in the discourse of modernity in Finland in the 1920s Wenderski Michał. Uncanonical impulses to the canon. Polish and Belgian contributions to international constructivism
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Materiały konferencyjne: Praga, 25-27 listopada 2014 r.
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Bibliogr. s. 573-615. Indeksy.
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